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Hello and welcome to my land of Diddle Mouse.

Oh well you cannot buy Diddles in America, as they are just an German product and are only sold in Europe. But I want to show you a way to get some of them into your country by just using the internet.


Our Philosophy

If there is anything good in world, go and spread it around.

We would like to introduce our Diddles to wide America, as we think they are worth  to be shown.




This is a small business company but we think this will become a great one by time. We are just starting our Internet shop. We will do our best ,so you guys will be very content with us, as all our partners in Europe. 




You can order our products by phone, fax or mail:

(0 89) 32 49 33
(0 89) 32 49 37
Klugstraße 156 81547 Muenchen
Allgemeine Information:

send questions about to: 
Stand: 16. November 2000