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About tables, rows and cells


cell 1, row1 cell 2, row 1 cell 3, row 1
cell 1, row 2 cell 2, row 2 cell 3, row 3
cell 1, row 3 cell 2, row 3 cell 3, row 3


In this table I used width=78% for the whole table; cellpadding 10 means the content of the cells is 10 px away from each other; cellspacing means how far away each cell is from the other one; as the table has a background color and there is a cellspacing of 3, so the color of the lightblue background is showing through. The rows have the color white.




blank blank
stars lady of phantasy stars
blank blank


In search of my mother's garden
I found my own.

Alice Walker


Colspan and Rowspan







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